Photo of myself (wearing a Hachiku sleeping mask) with my laptop and a beverage.

Me, my laptop, and a beverage.

Me, Myself

I’m a hybrid Developer/Designer with 20 years of web building experience. I’m naturally half creative, half technical, and enjoy thinking about the intersection of interface and implementation. Though my background is based on doing a code, my ultimate values are helping teams solve problems both customer-facing (the stuff that appears in the web browser) and behind the scenes (how that stuff gets into the web browser). I aim to build responsibly, which means focusing on progressive enhancement, accessibility, web performance, and usability.

Beyond Web

When not computing, I make music 🎶, play in bands 🎸, and f*x w/ g̝̑̍ͅľ̰̖̆i̳̋t̬͍̑̕ĉ̦͖̞̅͑h͎͕̫͛̅͘ ̱̳͈̌̿̚a̧͈͒̌r̦͖͌͝ť͎̗̻̐̀ 📺.

This Site

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