Stuff I’ve built.
  • carolinepardilla.png

    Caroline Pardilla #

    Caroline Pardilla is one of Los Angeles’ first cocktail bloggers. This redesign project set out to give her website a new look and better reflect her current editorial work with external publications. The site was built using Hugo, Tailwind, and Netlify CMS.

  • moonglowradio.png

    Moon Glow Radio Website #

    Moon Glow Radio is an online DIY radio station streaming from Los Angeles. I volunteered my efforts to build their website to legitimize the station’s presence as well as offer the best listening and reading experience. An integrated player provides an uninterrupted browsing experience throughout the site’s content offerings, station info, and schedule of shows. To allow for easy maintenance of the site, I integrated Sanity.io as a CMS and integrated the show schedule with Google Calendar.

  • 1-homepage.png

    ConductorOne Website and Blog #

    ConductorOne is a seed-stage startup building out an identity and permission management platform for the cloud. I helped the team build out a marketing website and blog with Hugo, Forestry, and Netlify. Design by Dave Roach.

  • portfolio-kosas-1.png

    Kosas Cosmetics Site Redesign #

    2020 saw a major refresh of the Kosas Cosmetics website including new design, product re-merchandising, and revamped codebase. I was part of a two-person dev team that executed an ambitious pre-holiday redesign and re-architecture in just under two months. We prioritized performance and accessibility while following the current best practices.

  • portfolio-business-class-1.png

    Business Class by Sophia Amoruso #

    Business Class is online business course led by former Nasty Gal and Girlboss founder, Sophia Amoruso. I developed this website. Site design by Outset LA.

  • Website for Sophia Amoruso #

    Sophia Amoruso’s website and personal hub was launched in conjunction with Business Class—both of which I developed. Powered by the triple threat of Hugo, Forestry, and Netlify. Design by Outset LA;

  • portfolio-kosas-quiz.png

    Kosas Cosmetics Shade Finder Quiz #

    The Kosas Shade Finder quiz uses a hand-tuned lookup table—defined by the Kosas team themselves—to generate product recommendations.

  • Fur — Skin Care Rec Quiz #

    Fur makes skin care products. This quiz was built for making product recommendations. (HTML + JavaScript) × rules logic = recommendations!

  • portfolio-estarla-site.png

    Website redesign for writer, Esther Tseng #

    Esther Tseng is a Los Angeles-based food, drinks, and culture writer. I designed and developed this website.

  • portfolio-itk.png

    ITK, events listing platform #

    In June 2018, I co-founded and launched ITK—a curated events listing site covering the Los Angeles area. Our small team is close to the ground as active members of the local creative community helping out as a resource to amplify the underground. Not limited to our site alone, we also offered an email newsletter and a strong social presence on Instagram.

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