Stuff I’ve built.
  • portfolio-dzstrkrft-site.png

    DZSTRKRFT, band website #

    Website for my solo music project DZSTRKRFT—I got to break out of the box a little bit with the design and layout.

  • Nasty Gal #

    I co-led the front-end development of Nasty Gal from 2012-2016 where we authored a custom e-commerce website with a focus on responsive design, web peformance, and usability. My responsibilities extended beyond the site but also e-mail marketing, internal tools, blog development, and product and UX design. #1 in mobile ecommerce experience study (2014), Contentful blog guest post (2014), Case study (2014)

  • portfolio-apeshit-site.png

    APESHIT, extreme metal webzine #

    This is a throwback… APESHIT is a music “webzine” launched in 2002 and pre-dated what we now know as “blogs”. Originally launched on Blogger (before the Google acquisition), then migrated to b2 (which eventually became WordPress), and then ultimately migrated to WordPress itself. Beyond designing and coding, I published news, music reviews, and interviews. The site is now largely dormant but still up.

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